Activities & Tours

Activities & Tours

Audio-visual podcatcher tour
On a daily basis Savonet museum offers visitors a modern audio-visual tour with a podcatcher. The podcacher guides you past several movies providing interesting background information about cultural history, natural history and the interdependence between humans and nature. The movies also show unique anecdotes of people who are connected to the savonet plantation.

The podcatcher ia very user friendly. When visitors approach a movie exhibition the podcatcher is automatically triggered, simply by pointing the device in the direction of the special information card. The podcatcher only has 3 buttons to choose from. “Play/pause” and 2 buttons to control the volume of the device.

The podcatcher is available at the ticket office in English, Dutch and Papiamentu.

Guided tour trough the museum
Upon request Savonet museum organises guided tours trough the museum. This guided tour gives insight information on the entire museum development process as well as the historical aspects of life on the Savonet plantation, starting from the island earliest inhabitants, the pre-ceramic indians. The guide provides you with the stories behind the faces of those pictured in the museum and brings the museum to life.

The museum tour can be combined with a guided hike in the Christoffelpark. Along the hike you will pass some historical and cultural highlights. Please contact our activity center at the Christoffelpark for more information or to make a reservation.

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