1. Is it possible to get a multipe day-pass to visit both the Savonet Museum and Christoffelpark
Yes, it is possible to buy a 2-day pass at the front desk of the park/museum. The pass will be valid for a 5 day period in which you can visit the attractions 2 days.

2. Is it possible to visit only the museum and not the park?
Yes, both the park and the museum can be visited seperately.

3. Are there special prices for groups and children?
Yes special prices are available. Take a look at the prices section under “Visitors info” on the website.

4. Is the museum accessible to wheelchairs?
Yes, a large part of the museum is accessible by wheelchair. People in a wheelchair can use the special wheelchair lane to reach the plantation house. The upper side of the house and some building around the house are not accessible. There is also a special restroom.

5. Do I need shots when I go to Curacao?
No. Also due to the island’s modern RO-water plant, it is perfectly safe to drink tap water (bottled water for sale is actually tap water stuck in bottles by the local water company…)

6. What money is used on Curacao?
Antillean Guilders, but you can pay everywhere with US dollars as well. Many places now also have the option of paying with major credit cards (including Christoffelpark/ Savonet Museum itself).

7. What kind of driver’s license can I use?
It’s always best to have an international driver’s license. However, depending where you’re from, different rental companies have different policies. It’s therefore a good idea to inquire beforehand whether your license will be accepted or if you have to get an international driver’s license. Licenses from the U.S.A. and the Netherlands are however commonly accepted.

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