The golden thread through the museum is the concept of “inter-dependence”, the dependence of humans on nature as well as on each other. Curaçao is a relatively small Island and exists as such for several millions of years already.
This long time span has provided the necessary means for the evolution of special creatures.

All plant and animal species that ended up on Curaçao by natural means (like over the sea or by air) had to adapt themselves to the relatively harsh environment or perish. Accidental genetic “flaws” allowed for the necessary changes and resulted in what is called endemic sub-species (that can still breed with the original population), and some species even evolved into new species unique to the Island. Darwin’s theory in full swing!

The easily recognizable elements of the unique Island ecology provided the basis for sustenance of the first inhabitants of the Island. From 1499 onward, the European colonial influences predominated. The original natural environment was changed dramatically by the settlers who set up plantation systems for their own sustenance. Enslaved people from Africa were forced to work those plantations and the scene was set for a unique melting-pot of cultures, amended later on by emigrants from all over the world.

The analogy of the cultural evolution and Island ecology is easy to visualize! Unique natural evolution and unique cultural development encapsulated in a unique museum.

Safari Christoffel Park