museum-largeThe future of Savonet Museum looks very positive. There are enough ideas to make the museum a living museum for the visitors.

Carmabi will try to achieve that by working with changing exhibitions, in the special exhibition spaces in the landhouse. But also art will be an important factor in the philosophy of the museum.

There are also plans to organize workshops and courses beside tours and other activities.

After the opening of the first part of Savonet Museum, which focusses on the cultural ties with the Savonet area, the second part of the museum focussing on the natural history of the island will open its doors in October/November 2010. This part of the museum will give visitors the unique possibility to go back in time and discover the geological history of the island as well as the establishment of sevral species of flora and fauna, which over time beacame endemic. It will be a perfect way for visitors to prepare for a Christoffelpark visit or to get more knowledge of the local ecology after a park visit.

Savonet will also start special programs for local schools of different levels in which schoolchilderen learn about the rich history of the area. More information on these programs will be published later.

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