Entrance Fees

Entrance Fees

These entrance fees maybe subject to change. Please visit this page regularly to get up to date information on Museum fees.

Tourists: Fl. 12,50 / US$7
Children: FL. 7,50/ US$5

Locals: FL. 7,50
Students: Fl. 5,00

Podcatcher guarantee rent: Naf.25/US$15 (which will be returned to you when handing the podcathers back to the front desk)

All through the museum a total of 17 documentaries illustrate the various themes shown in the museum. The innovativate podcatcher system makes it possible for visitors to listen to the soundtrach of each documentary in the languages Dutch, Papiamentu or English. When buying your entrance ticket at the front desk, you will be able to “rent” the podcatchers for Naf.25/ US$15 per piece. This money will be returned to you when handing the podcatchers back at the front desk at the end of your visit. The podcatchers only work at Savonet Museum and cannot be used for other applications. Please do not forget to hand them back to the front desk officer before you leave.

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